Transformational Planning Workshop

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New customers purchasing 20+ Chrome Management Licences from XMA will be able
to benefit fom a day long Transformational Planning Workshop. The workshop will help school leaders build a practical plan for integrating technology in their classrooms in order to improve learning outcomes.

Attendees will get an overview of what a connected classroom could look like and gain a greater understanding of what is possible in this environment. Google’s supported classroom and workflow will be explained, along with what is equired to make this a success. Attendees will create a future plan document as part of the workshop which will detail achievable tasks, ideas around how these can be measured and include a list who would be involved in the delivery. A project presentation will also be developed by attendees enabling them to share their learnings with stakeholders in their school.

The Transformational Planning Workshop is targeted at the senior leadership and management team members including any key decision makers involved in technology purchase or those with roles supporting and enhancing teaching and learning.


Gain a greater understanding of the possibilities of technology in teaching.

A thorough overview of Google’s Education Solutions with guidance on how to establish an effective Google supported classroom successfully.

The development of a practical future plan document with clearly articulated, realistic and achievable goals for technology in their school. This plan will be an invaluable tool to gain the buy–in and support of teachers, parents and stakeholders across the school community.

An Implementation project presentation which can be communicated to other staff for their feedback and consideration.

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